Your Pet and CPR/Choking First Aid

Written By: Stacey Barge, RVT
Date Posted: May 17, 2020

This is the time of year when we are getting out more frequently with our pets. Whether it be hiking, camping, or just a walk around the neighbourhood, knowing some basic choking first aid and CPR can be a life saver for your pet.

There are some great Pet CPR and First Aid courses available to take and I encourage every pet owner to do so. For those who haven’t been able to yet, there are great resources available. I’m sharing a few posters that are printable, I would review these on a regular basis and post in a place you can easily access in case of an emergency. These posters explain how to do cpr on a dog and other animals, plus more information about choking dogs. These can save your pet’s life.

How to do CPR on a dog or help a dog that is choking:

Another how to do CPR on a dog and cat:

How to help a choking dog:

Print these free posts out and tape them to your wall. Remember, always keep the closest emergency animal clinic’s phone number clearly written and displayed in your house. It can mean the difference in saving your pet’s life. Also keep the number to your closest emergency animal clinic and your regular veterinarian saved in your cell phone. When your dog is wounded, sick, choking, or not breathing, you will not have time to Google the number to your veterinarian. You will have to act quickly.

To avoid choking and other potentially fatal mishaps, always provide toys that are the correct size for your pet. Do not provide bones, dental treats, or other chewable toys to your dog when you are not around the monitor them as they consume the treat. Always pick up small debris and other items laying around your house to prevent your dogs from choking on these items. Learn emergency canine CPR and refresh your knowledge on the process frequently.

Summer is a great time to get out and spend time with your pets, but it also increases the hazards they are exposed to. Being prepared for unexpected emergencies can give us a peace of mind as pet owners and will make it easier to act appropriately if something unfortunate were to happen to one of our furry loved ones. Have a safe and happy summer everyone!