Summertime Pet Hazards

Written By: Stacey Barge, RVT
Date Posted: June 5, 2020

As summer rolls in I just wanted to remind everyone of a few very common hazards your pets may face:

Foxtails – These are a very common grass. They can embed in the eyes, ears, noses, paws and skin, often requiring surgical removal. Make sure to check your pet thoroughly after being outdoors.

Burns – Pets can get sunburns and skin cancer. Hot sidewalks and pavement are painful and can burn paw pads. Ask your vet about pet-safe sunscreens.

Heatstroke – Signs include rapid panting, vomiting, weakness and seizures. It only takes a few minutes to reach deadly temps inside a parked car – even with the windows open!

Bugs – Insect bites can cause allergic reactions and spread disease.

Sunscreen – Ingredients that are safe for humans to use can be dangerous to pets, consult with your vet about pet-safe sunscreen.

Ear Infections – Can often be caused by water trapped in the ear. Dry your dog thoroughly after bathing or swimming and ask your vet about appropriate ear cleaning/drying products.

Rattlesnake Bites – Signs include difficulty breathing, bleeding, shock and organ failure. Do not attempt first-aid – seek veterinary attention immediately!

Flea & Tick Medication – Pyrethrins and pyrethroids, common in flea & tick medication for dogs and also in treated clothing, is highly toxic to cats. NEVER apply dog flea products to a cat.